Service Support / Product Care / Warranty Terms

After Sale Service Support
We respect our customer in all means,
We at Eurostyle, are committed to apply fair practices and offer the best possible after sale service to retain and carry on the long lasting relationship.
Option 1

We request customer to submit the defective unit at purchase counter.
In case of travel or migration customer can submit the defective product at any   Eurostyle store PAN India.

Note: Ensure the receipt of the acknowledgement.
Option 2 –
Call on Customer Care NO. 0253 2380825 / Mail:
Pl. update / write on below details,
a. Product Code & Nature of defect b. Date of Purchase c. Dealer Name & Location   Call on Customer Care NO. 0253 2380825 / Mail:
In order to be covered under this limited warranty. Customer / Purchaser must present acceptable proof of original ownership for the product like, Original purchase slip / Warranty Card stamped and signed by dealer.
STA set to offer after sale service is 15 working days which starts from the receipt of defective unit and related documents.
Under Warranty – Decision on Repair or Replacement of defective unit is based on the quality analysis report submitted by Eurostyle Quality Inspector.
Repair No repair charges, if the defect related to Workmanship
Replacement – With due respect to quality analysis report, we offer product replacement with new one. If the same model / colour is not available we offer replacement on the basis of product purchase price.
Beyond Warranty Repair activity will be based on the quality analysis submitted by Eurostyle Quality Inspector and it will be on pay basis, depends upon workmanship involved / Scope to re-use.
Customer Delight - In case of NO SCOPE for Repair or Replacement, we offer healthy discount on new purchase of any Eurostyle product to retain our esteem customer.
Product Care Tips

Eurostyle Travel bags are constructed with tough fabrics and heavy thread, and should last you through many adventures.

The catch on speedy change in Travel needs, We Congratulate our esteemed customer on investing on a durable as well as on high quality travel companion like” Eurostyle “.

Please apply simple care tips given below, which may help to enhance your product life to continue to shoulder your load for the long haul.
• Cleaning care –

Please clean the surface with mild soap and water with a soft rag. You can use soft sponge or soft white cotton cloth to clean it safe. For best results, clean the entire panel, not just the soiled area Never Submerge your bag in water. Do not apply cleaners on leather trim and allow the bag to dry completely in shade before storing.

Never machine wash or machines dry a pack. The straps can get caught and damage either the appliance or your pack. Exposure to high temperatures can also damage fabric coatings.

Do not use bleach or brush to clean.
• Bad smell removal
To deodorize the bag try spraying it with lemon water solution juice (50:50) solution. This should work in diffusing unwanted bad smell. Clean it with soft cotton cloth & Let it dry completely before stuffing your belongings.
• Storage while not is use

If you store your bag in a damp moist area then the bag is likely to develop fungus on it. And over time mildew destroys Nylon/PU coating and weakens threads.

Store your bag away from extreme heat, acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents (found in concrete), bleaches and direct sunlight. Make it empty and keep it in clean dry area which is pest controlled.
Warranty Terms
Eurostyle Products are manufactured under the strict Supervision of Quality expertise adhered to world class quality standards based on performance.
This Warranty Covers
Its is applicable against defect in material and workmanship for the period of One year from the date of purchase in India from any Outlets, Sales Counter, Dealer, Retailer etc.
The Company will offer options through repairs or replace depends on the quality evaluation of sold Product.
The Company will render free service under Warranty period.
The user is requested to present the defective unit along with Warranty Card and puchase bill to Company Approved Service location.
The Company will offer service even after warranty period on pay basis according to job work.
This Warranty does not Cover
Damage caused from normal wear and tear, misuse, negligence, mishandling, and exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acid or repairs made by unauthorized person.
Damage by common carrier in transit due to mishandling. In such cases, Customer is advised, should immediately file a claim with the Carrier.
This Warranty specifically excludes claims for indirect incidental consequential damages and is limited to the value of the Product.
Metallic plating and color fading, rust generation due to changes in environment are not covered in warranty.
Note:- Any claim under this warranty will be subject to Mumbai jurisdiction.


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